The Regtech series, Part 1: the new black, pretty in pink, a gray suit or the emperor’s new clothes?

Everybody talks about “Regtech”, but few seems to have made an effort to understand what it really is. In the Regtech series I will display results from a multi-year research and analysis effort covering the emerging Regtech solution space.

In my Regtech series, you will get the chance to learn about the following:

  • Which capabilities are offered by Regtechs, the regulations most prominently supported (existing like GDPR, AMLD4 and MIFID2, and future such as FRTB and IFRS17).
  • Find out details concerning the underlying technologies used (both emerging such as Artificial intelligence and Blockchain, but also mature such as Business Process Management and Information Management).
  • A set of user scenarios will be described and recommendations to buyers and Regtech vendors are given.
  • Finally, a design for a platform for Regtech eco-system is proposed.

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